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Career Transition Programme for Lawyers

Many lawyers find their work unfulfilling. Perhaps this is because for many people law school just seemed to be a good idea at the time – with no clear idea of what lawyers really did, often the reality of practising law was at odds with what was envisaged. For others, the glamour has just worn off or they are ready to try something new.

Our Transition programme will help you to explore:

Is it the law?
If you are considering leaving the law, the first thing to become clear about is whether it’s the law that is the problem or if the real issue lies elsewhere: your area of practice, your role, the organisation you are with, your boss, the caseload, a lack of balance between professional and personal life, etc. We have worked with many clients who, upon reflection, realise that the law is not the problem at all; and with clarity around their particular challenges and what needs to change, they are able to continue their legal career.

Staying within the law
For those who decide to remain in the legal industry, the decision then becomes whether to stay or to move on from their current environment and join a new organisation. There are many reasons why you may decide this: incompatibility with particular policies, philosophy or personalities; lack of opportunity for professional growth and career advancement, desire to practise law in an area not supported by the firm, or the need for greater income. Whatever the reason, you will need to plan the transition carefully. Career Space can help you to plan a more structured approach to your transition. First, if necessary, we will help you clarify your career goals. Then we will help you determine what firms or corporations may be a good fit. We will partner you by encouraging you and keeping you on track from the beginning of your search through your successful move to the new organisation.

Taking a New Path: Leaving the Law
If it becomes clear that a career change is what you need, our programme will enable you to:

• Gain a clear understanding of your strengths and transferrable skills
• Understand what really drives and motivates you
• Consider realistic alternative career options
• Create a job search strategy
• Develop your networking skills to assist in finding a new role
• Enhance your interview skills to ensure you interview with confidence

What's included?
• Six face-to-face sessions of 90 mins each
• E-mail and telephone support between sessions
• Materials
• Psychometric profiling where appropriate (additional charge for reports) 

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